Thank You!

This page was launched in acknowledgment of and gratitude for RISE’s donors and supporters. We are grateful for your solidarity in serving our students, and excited for the impact our continued partnership will have on their lives.

2021 Giving Campaign Donors

The following list acknowledges individuals who contributed to Da Vinci RISE’s Inaugural Giving Campaign in October of 2021.

Along with the following donors, we would like to thank our partners at Desolation Hotel for their generous donor match gift of $25,000.

Mariah Bailes Pamela Hartman Stephanie Lyon Donald Pennington
Jonathan Bennett Jennifer Hawn Michelle Mariscal Diane Peykoff
David Bittner Clarissa Hayes Stacy Martin Chet Pipkin
Garret Caillouet Shalena Heard Alison K. Mason Bree Rombi
Mike Cannan Leslie Heimov Carla McCullough Wendy Ronghi
Tara Croft Lauren Hogan Tracey McCullough Jordan Rowe
Robbie Croft Jonathan Hua John McCullough Doris Sadler Davis
Kari Croft Carey Hughes Andrew McCumber Gabriella Sanchez
Afkera Daniel Safe Jafri Neil McNinch Eliza Smith
Olivia Dickerson Lida Jennings Diane McNinch Desirae Smith
Michael DeMascolo Bess Johnson Aura Montes-Rodriguez Chelsea Sullivan
Richard Dunne Tom Johnstone Katie Montero Pete Talaba
Kevin Fang Lu Kim Jennifer Morgan Christopher Taylor
Kelsey George Andrea Kittelson Shathya Nathan Noemi Villasenor
Francis Giesler Meghan Knapp Jesse Noonan Kimberly Wencl
Carrie Gormley Rachel Lambert Meika Nwaomah Anna Wencl
Alexsa Grant Naomi Lara Fallon O’Dowd Dane Wetschler
Iris Greenberg-Smith Lauren Lee Courtney Ochi Cecilia Whalen
Dolores Grijalva Spencer Lee Carmina Osuna Samson Widerman
Hanna Grinberg Maya Lee Kisha Payton John Willoughby
Kim Harmon Carla Levenson Rachel Penn Fazlul Zubair
Lian Louie

Tributes & Memorials

Below we honor those individuals who were acknowledged in memorialization of donations to our campaign. We celebrate their lives and impact and strive to honor them through our ongoing work.

Zachary Croft
Peggy Kelly
Onyema Nwaomah
Rose Sheehan
Elizabeth Wencl