We’re excited to share that Naomi Lara moved into the Da Vinci RISE High Principal role, effective July 1, 2022. Naomi oversees all three RISE sites along with Assistant Principal Edith Funes. Erin Whalen will continue to serve as RISE’s Executive Director.

Naomi joined RISE as a math teacher in 2018 and became an assistant principal in 2021. As Assistant Principal, Naomi supported the development of partnership programming with RISE’s newest co-location non-profit organization, Richstone Family Center, providing students access to Cooking classes, Gardening, Art classes and music enrichment.

As Principal, Naomi is committed to continuing the revolutionary work at RISE through a focus on Wellness, Advisory Communities, and Interdisciplinary project based learning where students are empowered to be co-designers of their learning experiences.

We are excited to work with Naomi in this new capacity.